Thai Boxing

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Thai Boxing or Muay Thai as it is known in Thailand is one of the most effective and enjoyable forms of martial art. Apart from being an extremely good self defence it can help improve confidence, weight loss, flexibility, power and of course fitness. Thai Boxing is also great for kids as it helps install discipline and respect.

Muay Thai is the National Sport of Thailand and is part of its cultural heritage.

Originally this warrior art saw the use of weapons as well as empty handed self defense on battlefields, the art is known to be as much as 3000 years old. In the early days fights were decided on when first blood was drawn and sometimes went on to the death. The fighters wore cotton cloth wrapped around their hands which was dipped in glue and rolled in sand and broken glass.

A big transformation took place in the 1930s when boxing gloves were introduced and the fights began to be fought over rounds with rests between. A system of weight categories was introduced with fists, feet, knees and elbows permitted Thai boxing is now hugely popular in Thailand with daily fights in the main stadiums in Bangkok and on TV.

In the UK it is highly popular with competitions every weekend all over the country. A number of British Fighters are competing all over the world at the highest level including several fighters from Corefit UK

Thai boxing may sound like a daunting experience but here at Corefit UK, we have a range of members with a variety of goals and targets – and we provide for all of them.


The classes are taught by champion title holding instructors.

We have many champions here, British, European all the way to WBC World level.

Many of our instructors have travelled the world, trained in Thailand the home of Muay Thai itself and have gained a wealth of knowledge that they now share at our gym in Sutton Coldfield.