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Success Stories

Corefit UK has been lucky enough to meet some amazing individuals who have pushed themselves to their limits and this has enabled them to gain outstanding results.

Christian Ford 

I originally approached Henry at Corefit as I wanted to take part in Muay Thai boxing training. However, due to a knee injury and lower back problems I was unable to join a regular class or gym.

Being quite overweight at 112kg Henry devised a personal training program which included dietary and nutritional advice.

Using his knowledge of training techniques including Thai boxing training and strength and resistance training, I have since lost over 24kg as well as 6 inches from my waist - dropping from 40in” to 34in”!

The program also targeted the injury areas to provide strength and stability to the surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments, specifically core strength, to support my lower back. Targeting these areas in addition to advice and careful supervision on correct posture and technique in each exercise I am now able to join the regular Thai boxing sessions.

Overall, I would say I have a much better level of fitness, stamina and strength. More importantly I now have the correct posture to avoid future injuries from exercising with poor posture and technique.

I also have a more positive outlook toward exercise sessions as the program evolves to become harder and more varied as I progress.

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