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Resisted Sprints

Resistance bands are a unique resistance training product used worldwide by athletes of all ages across a range of sports. Resistance training is essential for building all the basic fundamentals for any sport such as Muay Thai, Football, Athletics etc.


How can our resisted sprints class benefit you?

-Build pure speed & power

-Improve speed endurance

-Tone legs & lose weight]

-Burn up to 9x more fat

-Speed up metabolism

-Aerobic & Anaerobic gains

During resisted sprinting hip muscle recruitment goes up, leading to higher force output through the legs and hips. This improvement to your force output will not only increase sprint speed, it will improve the power of your kicks in Muay Thai.  

Resisted sprints also Increases your lower body power which has been shown to improve ground reaction forces. This means your are able to push harder off the ground, improving your acceleration time over short distances. So the harder the push, the faster you are able to run. This training is essential in all sports however, it is most beneficial in sports like football and Rugby, which require not only Speed Endurance but also short bursts of sprinting. 

There are a number of  benefits when sprinting against band resistance, firstly its easy to increase or decrease the resistance without the loading and unloading of plates. Also, resisted sprints can be adjusted to adapt the start position and end position of the exercise to make it harder, or slightly easier if needs be. Not only that, where the band is positioned can be changed. It can be placed at the waist and also around the shoulder, both are equally as effective but around the shoulder helps you to keep the correct posture when sprinting.

Watch the video below to check out a variation of resisted sprint exercises!

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