Exercise and Respiratory Tract Viral Infections

Research published through the Exercise Sport Science Review as far

back as 2009 found that moderate intensity exercise reduced inflammation and strengthened the immune response to respiratory viral infections. It is also worthwhile to note that prolonged intense exercise may have a detrimental affect to our bodies immune response to these infections. Take a look at this graph...

This study also highlights that if you did pick up a URT infection that the moderate intensity exercise group recovered the quickest. Never before has this become more important than now with the effects of Covid-19. So now is the time to amend your habits. It is important to note that yes very high intensities of exercise does increase your chances of infection. However this could be arguably down to poor recovery post exercise.

Aside from infection, exercise whether it be moderate or high intensity, will have benefits to your overall mental and physical health. A sedentary lifestyle has been proven to be negative in many ways. It can increase your chances of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancers.

So what is moderate exercise? Even walking can be a hugely beneficial moderate exercise choice. With more times on our hands during lockdown a simple 30 minute walk every day can have a profound affect upon mental and physical health. Ideally we should be incorporating some form of resistance training at least twice per week into our lives too. This recommendation can even be seen on the UK Gov website via advice from the Chief Medical Officer.

Resistance training doesn't have to include large equipment you see in gyms. The simplest way and its FREE is your own bodyweight. Another highly versatile and cheap method is to use resistance bands. Resistance training has many benefits to your overall health too. By using your own bodyweight and resistance bands you can improve strength, mobility and reduce pain from inactivity. It doesn't matter about age, ability or sex either. You can be in your twilight years and benefit just as much with these methods just as much as a World Class athlete might. It's all about the choices you make and that's where I come in!

Through the Coach Henry section on our website you will see a library of exercises and workouts and much more. This is currently getting built so it may be at the time of reading this that it is not complete. Either way keep your eyes peeled and stay healthy!

Henry Cleminson


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