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Personal Training at Corefit UK 

You can book in for personal training sessions if you'd like a more comprehensive and private form of training. Personal training is by appointment only so please feel free to contact us. We provide a free consultation so why not get in touch now and start your program to a fitter lifestyle.

Our classes enable you to understand the functional movements which your body can take on, apply, and progress through into your training.

Our one to one training offers a first class tailored service designed to produce outstanding results for any given targets, aims or goals. We welcome clients who want to lose weight yet maintain or build muscle to reach their ultimate shape and figure to feel great and look better than ever, but most importantly, a healthy way to get there! Whether you desire loss of body fat,

increase of lean muscle tissue, rehabilitation techniques or a holiday or event you're training for – Corefit UK personal training has a structure for you!

Using the most modern of functional equipment inside a gym to date, our personal training not only pushes you to your personal best inside the gym, but also provides a workout to enable more calorie burning in your day to day lifestyle.

We have a number of talented and qualified trainers who aim to serve a range of requirements and personalities. For more information on our trainers and their specialities, check out the Team Tab and click on each trainer for more information.

No matter what your exercise goals, Corefit UK has a program for you. Have your free consultation and we will devise a program personalized to meet your needs.

Within the first introductory session our trainers at Corefit UK will introduce you to the revolutionary equipment and methods we use to achieve your goals. We will fully explain what type of exercises you will be doing and how and why they will be beneficial to you.

Fitness measurements and tests can be regularly included within the program to provide you with an easy to see way of monitoring your progress and achievements.

These are just some of the services we offer:

  • Weight Loss

  • Increased Strength

  • Increased Power

  • Increased Fitness

  • Increased Flexibility

  • Improved Speed

  • Improved Performance

  • Diet Plans

  • Thai Boxing tuition by champions


Why not see what our personal trainers could do for you? Contact us today.

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