Henry Cleminson


Welcome to Corefit UK! I founded Corefit UK in 2008 during my time as Notts County F.C Fitness Coach, with the goal of providing the most up to date and innovative training methods. Functional training with equipment like TRX Suspension Trainers and was virtually unheard of in the UK at this time and I was one of the first people around the country to introduce it in a class environment. Muay Thai has been a big part of my life for much longer, and is something I am very proud of for my own achievements but more the achievements of people I have trained. Currently at Corefit UK I have some very talented fighters with bright futures and we are also lucky enough to have some of them teaching on classes as well and passing on their knowledge.


 I graduated with a degree in Sports Science in 2005 and have been training in Muay Thai since 1997. I started teaching Muay Thai in 2005 and have produced many champions since, as well as helping others to reach peak levels of fitness through one of the most physically demanding sports in the world.

Aside from developing Muay Thai champions, Corefit UK is a gym dedicated to helping people realise their fitness potential, lose weight and gain confidence too. Just as big an achievement is when I hear about someone losing huge amounts of weight, or when a child's parent tells us that their child's confidence has come on leaps and bounds since coming to us. You can read about a few of these on our success stories.

As a fighter, my achievements were modest and fairly short-lived. I came to competition late at the age of 22, having finished University and time spent travelling. I won the IKF British Lightweight Belt after defeating John Dennis and also fought other recognised fighters such as Loz Reilly, Ste Meleady and Antony Ferguson amongst others. I was ranked British number 4 at the time I stopped fighting regularly, to pursue a career working in football.


This meant my fighting had to take a backseat and even more so once I set up Corefit UK. I did make a return to the ring in 2012 defeating an Italian Champion, however, it was unrealistic in my eyes to grow a business, a family and fight without at least one of those thing suffering. 

More recently I have been branching out into coaching many of the UK's top MMA stars including Leon 'Rocky Edwards' the UFC Welterweight Champion hopeful and his explosive brother Fabian 'The Assassin' Edwards, himself a potential champion in the Bellator promotion. 


Alongside my work with fighters and the gym I also provide fitness consultancy to 7 Futures. This work allows me to join an impressive collection of sports and health professionals connected to elite sport and wellness in delivering bespoke services to companies around the UK.

I owe much of my knowledge to working with UEFA staff coach educator and Sports Consultant Roger Spry, whose clients include Real Madrid, Aston Villa and the English Rugby Union Federation. Roger was a big inspiration in developing my knowledge post-University and given me a real advantage over others in the early days.

Experience & Qualifications

  • West Bromwich Albion F.C. Academy Conditioning Coach - 2009-2013

  • Notts County FC Strength and Conditioning Coach - 2008/2009

  • BSc.(Hons) Sports Science

  • Founder & Head Coach of Corefit UK

  • Trained a number of European and British Champions (Muay Thai)

  • IKF British Lightweight Champion (2007)

  • Fitness consultant to 7Futures for the wellbeing and resilience programs delivered to organisations including Harrow, Oxford, Atherstone, Great Yarmouth Council, Network Rail and Chiltern Railways.

  • Fitness and strength program developer towards county and national tennis, badminton, football and rugby players.

  • Promoter of Fight Night showcasing the best national and European fighters at the famous Edgbaston Cricket Ground.