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Functional Integrated Training or F.I.T 

The Team at Corefit UK also use FIT or Functional Integrated Training this involves preparing the body for activities performed in daily life or within a specific sporting situation. It is proven that the less you move the less blood sugar your body uses. Functional training is designed to improve movement patterns and not just one isolated muscle.   

Functional training benefits a range of things that can help with day to day activities like lifting things or bending down but also helps with sports athletes specifically.

1.) Posture - Day to day activities and jobs will lead us into bad posture, but functional training enables us to correct bad posture and help with muscular imbalance. 

2.) Fat Burning - Functional Training involves full body exercises that not only improves strength but improves endurance and also boosts metabolism. This makes it perfect for fat burning.

3.) Muscle Tone/Density - This type of training is key for a lean look. This is the main training used by gymnasts at the olympics and as you can see they are extremely strong, lean athletes. They constantly focus on movement patterns which is good for day to day activities. 

4.)Stability - In all of our F.I.T sessions we focus on Core stability which enhances the focus on balance and flexibility. We aim to the body constantly challenged throughout our classes. 

5.) Sports specific - It doesn't matter what your chosen sport is! Football, Rugby, Gymnastics or Muay Thai this type of training will benefit all aspects. All sports involve both the Nervous and Musculoskeletal nervous systems, this training will improve their relationship, making the movements in your chosen sport more reactive and powerful.


6.)Core Strength - Everyday tasks and activities apply stress and pressure on the spine and core. Functional Training involves core activation in every exercise. so these exercises help to stabilise the core which then also strengthens the muscles around the spine making day to day life activities less demanding.     

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