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First of all, I hope that all of you and close ones have remained safe from this virus and livelihoods are in tact. My deep condolences go out to anyone affected. I also want to say a huge thank you to the many of you that have continued with your memberships during this time. The support you have all provided will be crucial in maintaining the quality of service we provide. 


Following on from the governments latest updates I am sure many of you are now aware that a re opening date of Saturday 4th July is a possibility. This of course is only applicable if government targets are met.


Over the last few days and weeks I have been extremely busy in planning and preparing for the future at Corefit UK. A huge amount of work and thought has, and still is going into this preparation. When we do open, the gym will no doubt be a very different place, at least for a short time. However it is my intention to make the service and facility a first class and safe environment for us all.


In the coming weeks I will be sending out some very important information that you must action in order for you to come back to the gym. Below are some hints at what to expect. Also there are some resources we are providing to members free of charge, such as online martial arts classes and exercise tips and workouts.

  1. All members will have to download and use the ClubRight app. Within the app there will be a timetable with all available classes. You will need to book onto a class prior to attending. This will enable us to limit the classes to a specific number and maintain social distancing rules. We ask members to ensure that their account on the ClubRight app is up to date with accurate contact information in case we need to make contact.

  2. Depending on the advice at the time it may be that we will require parents that usually sit and wait during a class to drop and leave their children with us instead. Also prior to any exercise class we may need people to come directly into the studio and use markings 2m apart to avoid clustering before/during and after the classes.

  3. Hand wipes and sanitiser stations will be placed at touch points around the gym.

  4. Again depending on the science and advice available, it may be that that changing rooms and showers are either out of use or subject to limited use. It may be advisable to change and shower at home where possible.

  5. Muay Thai contact is likely still to be impossible. However we will be thinking of clever ways to make the classes interactive and of benefit to both fitness and technique. One measure we will be making is increasing the number and quality of bags provided.

  6. As a gym, we will re open after a period of intensive, deep cleaning. Air conditioning units will be getting serviced and filters cleaned. As mentioned before we will have wipes and sprays around the gym for use on equipment and touch points. However we will require you to take some responsibility for your own equipment. We ask that you purchase your own wipes for your own equipment. This will mean that wipes are always available for their intended use.

Online Muay Thai class every Wednesday at 12.30pm. A good friend and World Class coach at Rachanon in Bangkok, Adisak will be taking the class. It is ideal for all ages and abilities and you won't necessarily need equipment. Click the below link to join the group Private Lesson. Please please get involved its a LIVE session and will be great fun for all!

Coach Henry online training. This is a service that is active via the members hub on this website and also a group on the Corefit UK page. At present it is largely advice about how to use Resistance Bands. However this is currently getting built properly into something 100 times bigger. Again please take a look and as soon as it is ready I will be unveiling it and how it can benefit you training at home but also in the gym. 

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